Not all that long ago, I didn’t know how to use a camera. In fact, I didn’t know where mine was half the time. Most everyone had transitioned to digital cameras by then, but given that I barely used my film camera, I didn’t see the point. Family vacations would come and go, and I would buy the wrong film or even just forget to carry the camera along when we were out. Crisis came our way though, and our family-story began to take a different direction. Suddenly, having pictures of my kids – then 8, 5, and 2 – meant everything to me. I borrowed a camera from a friend one weekend so I could snap some images of my boys, and that’s when it started. I fell in love with photography and thought to myself, “Maybe I could make a go of this…” So, I took the leap and bought a used, entry-level camera online and spent every spare minute teaching myself to shoot. Four months in, I had my first paying client. And these many years later, I’m still as excited about shooting as I was then.

What began as a photography business though, has slowly evolved into more. My creative interests have grown, and so has my ability to serve my clients beyond just meeting their needs for commercial photography. Along with my virtual team of designers, illustrators, high-end re-touchers, videographers, and the like, I’m proudly serving Columbus, OH and beyond as a boutique creative agency. And I’m eager to work with you, and for you – to help you craft your image, communicate your story, and connect with your tribe.

Thanks for stopping by – I look forward to hearing from you.

Columbus OH Commercial Photographer Shannon W Williams
Isn't Shannon a girl's name!?

Yes. Yes, it is. Someone please tell my mother.

How long have you been a professional photographer?

Twelve years and counting. If you’re Googling me or my work, you’re likely to see work by other photographers named Shannon Williams (so this is always the best place to see what I’m up to). They’re probably all women, too. Someone please tell my mother.

Netflix or YouTube?

Netflix, for sure.  Especially, House of Cards, Stranger Things, and The OA.

Favorite Columbus, OH restaurant?

That’s a tough one.  If Margaritas are inolved, Bakersfield.  If Italian food is involved, Marcella’s.  If it’s about the rock-star chef, Home Fare.

You collect what!?

Whiskey and cigar memorabilia. When I was a kid, I found an old whiskey bottle buried in the ground on my uncle’s farm. It grabbed my imagination somehow, and I remember making up stories in my head about who it belonged to, and why it had been left behind. My favorite piece to-date is a wooden, antique cigar press.

Recommended reading?
The most predictable part of your morning?

Tim Horton’s coffee.  Double cream, please.  And a shot of espresso.

You have $100 to burn and a day to yourself - what do you do?

Sleep in. Have coffee at The Roosevelt and do some business reading. See a movie. Lunch at the North Star Cafe. Hit some golf balls at the driving range.  Grab a cigar (La Gloria Cubana Serie R Maduro) and some bourbon from the Watershed Distillery on the way home, then enjoy both next to the firepit, with John Mayer in the headphones.

Favorite Columbus, OH hangout?

The Pins Mechanical Company on Long St. Love this place!