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On our DESIGN page, we featured samples from one of our current clients, small business owner and solopreneur  Make You 614 of Columbus, OH.

As a makeup artist, Leigh Ann wanted to  connect with prospective bridal clients for the fall wedding season. We played on the idea of “season” since the email campaign would launch during the transition from summer to fall, and simply acknowledged that – for the new bride – a new season of life was about to begin.

Next, it was important to provide a simple call to action to show Leigh Ann’s brides-to-be what steps to take in order to schedule her for their fall wedding. And giving them the opportunity to do so right away – without having to read through the email or  scroll down further – made it easy for them to act quickly.

Columbus OH Graphic Designer Shannon W. Williams

For the billboard section of the email, we wrote copy that sold Leigh Ann as both capable and personable. Her prospective clients needed to know that she is knowledgeable about product and technique, but also that she’s tied emotionally to the significance of the day, and understands why her brides want their makeup application to be perfect.

Columbus OH Graphic Designer Shannon W. Williams

Last but certainly not least, the content of the email footer was important for closing the deal. We needed to motivate Leigh Ann’s brides to schedule a makeup consultation with her, so (1) she could demonstrate that she was capable and (2) so she had the opportunity for an in-person sales call.

We defined what was at stake (the perfect wedding day experience); we connected to the bride emotionally (her desire to look and feel beautiful and be ready for her wedding); and we  communicated the urgency behind scheduling her makeup trial run (because the wedding day is no time to experiment).

We closed with another clear call to action, and even included a section title that closed the opening thought from the email header.

Columbus OH Precision Makeup Artistry | Make You 614

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