Your image informs the ideas people have about you. Is yours sending the right message? If you’re not getting the results you want, then the answer is likely no. The good news? We can help.


Your image matters. It informs the ideas people have about you. If that’s true, then your images matter. Let’s make sure your image and your images communicate that you’re professional and capable, and have something of value to offer.


Your story matters. What wakes you up in the morning and motivates your day? Your answer is the “why” your customers need to know, the heart behind what you create, how you serve, and the value you bring to them. Let’s tell your story.



Your tribe matters. These are your people! They get you and they love what you do. Do you know who they are? Do they know who you are? Let’s craft your image and communicate your story in a way that helps you connect with your tribe.


"I hired Shannon to be my Creative Director for my marketing campaign. I needed very specific elements and feelings included in my campaign to go along with my brand. But didn't know exactly what I was looking for in the end, and had to rely on his creativity and expertise to create what I would like. He incorporated everything I needed combined with his creative leadership to produce an amazing finished product."

(The Losing Coach | Shelley Johnson)

My daughter Katie has been having agent & manager meetings in LA over the past month or so. They’ve all said her headshots are great, and I thought you would want to know that! Of course we knew they were great, but to hear it from players in the “big leagues” is encouraging. We’ve read all over about “LA-style head shots” and how actors “must have them done in LA or NYC” so … props to you!

(Tara Stottlemire)

"As a working model, I've collaborated with dozens of professionals. I can honestly say Shannon ranks among the elite. I've worked with him on numerous projects, and I've never been anything less than thrilled. Not only does he have a great eye for detail and composition, but Shannon is a consummate professional and provides clear and helpful direction. His portfolio is also remarkably diverse, demonstrative of his incredible range as a photographer."

(Agency-Represented Model | Brittany Schroeder)

"Shannon brings far more than a camera and expert knowledge as a photographer to each project... he brings perspective. I value his way of looking at each assignment and how that translates into results / success for our clients."

(ONE Brand Studio | Creative Director, DJ Hurula)




My rates for commercial portraits – model portfolio shoots, actor head shots, business head shots – are straightforward and based on the number of looks/outfits being photographed.  Please contact me via email for details.  Larger commercial projects are much more unique and are generally quoted based on full-day / half-day rates.  I’ll provide specific information about day rates, usage fees, etc once I know more about what you’re working on.  I’ll ask detailed questions that will help me understand specifically how I can best serve you, then put together a custom quote for your project.

Do you only photograph models?

While I do frequently work with  models and actors alike, I’m equally interested in and available for commercial projects that involve “real” people.  The priority is always to tell your story and give people a window into what you do, regardless of subject matter.


Will my shoot be in-studio or on-location?

Your shoot location will depend on the types of images you need from the session. As a general rule, lifestyle or commercial images will be shot on-location and in natural light. Fashion images are more likely to be shot in-studio, though this doesn’t always apply (depending on concept, wardrobe, intended use, etc).

How long will my photo shoot take?

The length of your session will vary based on the number of looks being photographed, and the kinds of imagery being created. As a point of reference, a three-look model portfolio shoot for lifestyle material generally takes about 2 and 1/2 hours for female models.

What kinds of images will be photographed for my model portfolio?

For each outfit, we’ll photograph head shots, half-length, three-quarter length shots, and full-length shots.

Is professional hair & make-up included in the cost?

The prices you see in the materials you receive from us after first contact, do not include professional hair & make-up.  Please inquire for specific rates, relevant to the kind of material you’re interested in shooting.

Will I receive prints or digital files as my final product?

The final product you receive will be low-resolution digital files, ready for use on your agency’s website, or for sending via email to talent agencies, casting directors, and the like.  You will NOT receive high-resolution, print-ready digital files as part of your purchase.  You can, however, purchase printed head shots, model composite cards, and portfolio prints through our studio.

Can prints or additional images be purchased?

Prints can be purchased, as well as additional low-resolution, retouched digital files. Contact us for detailed product / price information.

What’s involved in the image proofing process after the shoot?

Following the photo session, your images will be sorted down to the most competitive frames from each look photographed. These unedited proofs will be posted in a private, online proofing gallery, and you and your agents will receive password access. Once you’ve browsed the gallery and selected your final images, we’ll retouch each of those photos manually (as opposed to basic batch processing) and deliver them by way of a quick, easy download from our site. Note: this download is different from what you see in the proofing gallery. Unedited proofs in the gallery are not to be right-click-copied, or screen-shot, and used as final images (or anything else, for that matter).

Will I receive the unedited proofs from my shoot on a disc?

No, the only images you’ll receive will be the final, retouched images. Unedited proofs will be archived for a period of time, then eventually erased. Given how quickly electronic images circulate the web via Facebook and the like, unedited proofs can be mistaken by others as finished images …which ultimately becomes a misrepresentation of our artistry and brand.

Am I allowed to post my digital images on social networking sites?

Yes, but only images that have been watermarked (in order to deter image theft). And watermarked or branded images should not be cropped or edited in any way to make the watermark less visible.

Am I permitted to crop or edit my digital files further, once received?

No. You’ll be required to sign a model release, stating that no photographer or graphic design artist other than us is permitted to make further edits or alterations of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to black and white conversions, image cropping, and Instagram filters.

Once I have the digital files, does that mean I own the copyright?

No. The Federal Copyright Law protects copyright ownership. It is unlawful to copy or scan any printed image without permission of the photographer. Shannon Williams retains copyright of all images taken and reserves the right to use all images and works in portfolios, competition, exhibition and promotion of Shannon Williams Photography and associated products.

Do you design and print composite cards or other marketing materials for models?

Yes. Contact us for a full list of design and print services, as these items are not included in our basic package prices.

Is payment required upfront or on the day of the shoot?

Full payment is required at the time of booking. Once payment is received, your session date/time will be offficially reserved. Until payment is received, the date/time you’ve requested is open to other potential clients.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We can invoice you via PayPal, or take your credit card information over the phone. Exceptions made in special circumstances.

What if I need to re-schedule my photo shoot?

If you must re-schedule prior to the day of the shoot, a $75 re-scheduling fee will apply (given that the change will prevent a new client from booking an otherwise open date). If you do not show up for your appointment, your full session payment will be retained as a cancellation fee; no exceptions. If you do not show up, then attempt to re-schedule your shoot, a $75 re-scheduling fee will apply.

May I bring an escort?

Unobtrusive escorts are welcome. Parents of minor children are encouraged to attend and observe, so long as their presence does not become a distraction or hindrance.

Do you instruct the posing or should I come prepared to pose on my own?

We instruct posing, based on the experience and skill of the model. Newer models will be given more instruction, more experienced models will naturally have more freedom to pose on their own.

Your customers, the soul of your tribe, need to know the heart behind what you create, how you serve them, and why you roll up your sleeves every morning and put in the work. Let’s tell your story.

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